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This page provides you with frequent questions about concrete.


When is the best time to pour concrete?

Best time to pour concrete is when tempertures are between 50-90 degrees. Occassionally if choose to pour in extreme

cold temps ,the water

and sand are then heated.  


How do I know how much concrete I need?

 use a measuring tool to help determine how much is needed ,it is always better to order more  than less.

You should order 10% more

than it calls for.



Why should I use concrete instead of asphalt?

Rigid concrete is also more durable than asphalt.  Concrete is 100% recyclable, concrete

would need little maintenance over a 30 year

period,  asphalt would require a major resurfacing in just 15 years.  

Concrete pavement's life can range anywhere from 20-40 years. 

Concrete is made from American materials such as limestone, rock and water. 

Concrete is also the most-used manmade material in the world.



How do I know which mix to get?

It depends on what you are pouring, but 4000# PSI is the most common












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